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Originally Posted by staehpj1 View Post
I have always been kind of fascinated by those, but when I looked in to them never really found them to fit ant real use case for me.
For most day to day riding I agree that such a bike has limited use. However, I have been interested in the rinko idea for a while as an intellectual concept and when I saw the 700c bike for a cheap price I decided to bite. Usually the entry point for a decent folder is high enough that I wouldn't commit either. My original plan was to one day build a randonneuse bike similar to those promoted by JH over at Rene Herse ie. quick release headset/cables, pedals and fender.

I have had issues bringing bikes into hotel rooms though. Sometimes they offer to store them in a safe room (usually the boiler room) but other times in a more common area open to other members of the public. That becomes a worry for me when thinking about how easy it is to strip stuff off it. Hostels in the Canadian Rockies like Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper are bad for this. You can lock them outside or store in the common area used by all guests but anything left on the bike is a target. Sadly, theft is an issue with lots of young transient travelers. Folded, I can see no issue bringing this into a room as the bag is clean and is basically, a piece of luggage.

I also ordered the detachable traditional saddlebag rack from Carradice so I can remove my saddlebag without undoing the straps. they also have a SQR system and another quick release support but both require multiple bike side components in order to move between bikes. With this one, the bag mounts to the rack and the whole rack moves from bike to bike easily. As it is, I already had to order a second Kwikfix mount for my HB bag as the first is mounted to my endurance bike.

Oddly enough, I am going to use this bike in a couple of weeks as we are going for a mixed bicycle/ SUP trip to the Rockies. In our small mini van we need to cram 3 people, 3 inflatable paddleboards, camping gear and one tour bike so I am taking the folder.

Good news about the leather bar tape Brooks promptly returned my email about the issue and are sending a replacement set. They said splices are common but they have identified a couple of production lots that have had issues. So, if that happens I say Good job Brooks
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