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DA power meter

Originally Posted by Morelock View Post
Some things to consider (besides Carleton's points)

The 9100 is a little weird in the area around where the chainrings mount... it makes it basically incompatible with older 4 bolt rings. The issue here is that means your "go to" solution to go road-track (A B-Dop adapter) may not fit. (I don't know of anyone that has tried) Now you're back to either a.) custom solution that's similar or b.) trying to make a normal 4bolt 110bcd work on a track bike.

Another thing to consider is how that power meter is going to handle / interpret what happens when you put backpressure on the pedals. Different power meters not intended for track use handle this differently. I'm not sure how the R9100 would handle it. If it starts throwing in 0's (or it just frazzles it) then you're going to spend a lot of time in your program of choice trying to pick out useful data from noise, basically making it a headache every time. Again, not sure how it would handle it, but those are possibilities.

All of that without mentioning the R9100's already "meh" reception and reviews. On track, you REALLY don't want a "meh" power meter. Since most places don't let you look at your head unit anyways, you're using the PM for post-ride/race review... in which case you really want to trust that what you're looking at hours later in a graph is a true representation of what happened on the track.

Again... can be done... certainly... with some amount of success anyways.
Morelock and Carleton
Thanks for the feefldback.!

Using the DA power meter was just a thought. I appreciate everyone's input, so how about this? I really am set on getting some sort of power meter in place. My two thoughts are, #1 low cost and #2 unlimited budget.
For option # 1, I was considering a Gen 3 Stage DA unit and paring it with a Garmin hed unit. This option would match my current cranks and I could begin to learn how to use a power meter. My understanding is that it would not be ideal for my main focus, standing starts, 500m etc, I could eventually move it to my endurance bike.
For option #2 , I was considering a Rotor SRM unit and paring it with a SRM PC7 head unit. This option should last me forever. I would welcome more of the valuable feedback from this forum.
Thanks for helping to educate me!
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