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So, unfortunately you have confirmed my understanding on the Stages. Its limitations regarding standing starts rules it out. I guess it comes down to choosing between an SRM track or Rotor SRM track. How would you base your decision?


The shorter, more explosive your event, the less useful a Stages is unfortunately. Even the stages rep that commented in the PM thread basically said it doesn't handle standing starts. I have a Gen2 I bought used on the cheap for my DA crank, and comparing it's data to my SRM it is all over the place during a hard acceleration, and I'm by no means a "sprinter." (~1300w peak on a great day, 11/1200 more often)

Stages is fine if you're looking for average power over longer efforts... unfortunately in most track events some of the most important data is from the first 0-20 seconds... even in a 4k pursuit the start is very important information to help base pacing/going out too hard/etc. As Carleton often points out, you can get basically all of the "useful" data from a speed/cadence sensor, and you don't get unreliable data. (worse than no data)

The same seems to be true for most of the other PM's often used on track. The pedal based systems (garmin/powertap, not sure about the new Look) generally don't start picking up data immediately, even if they are "awake."

If you're a sprinter looking for a PM... it really is an SRM. Preferably an old wired one with the PCV.
Unfortunately there are basically no companies that make a power meter for trackies that is not an afterthought of a road unit. :/

*all the above of course depends on just how much you care how accurate your data is the entire length of an event. Everyone has to decide this for themselves.[/QUOTE]
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