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1) You might be interested in this thread. The info is still relevant as the products haven't changed much over the years: https://www.bikeforums.net/track-cyc...computers.html

2) If standing starts are going to be your focus (team sprint, 500m, kilo, etc...), basically short efforts as opposed to longer, steady-state efforts (3K, 4K, points, scratch, etc..), you'll want a tried and true crankset to handle to power output reliably and you'll want a head unit that records at a rate of every 0.5s (most record every 1s). This gives you more data points for the short efforts.

I believe that the SRM PowerControl 7 is the only unit available now that can do this (someone correct me if I'm wrong). It's ANT+, so it can work with a variety of sensors and cranks, not just SRM products.

Regarding budget:

This is like any other hobby. You can sort of dabble in it and buy the $100 guitar + amp combo from Guitar Center and definitely start learning. And you can cobble pieces together over time and whatnot and trade up (taking a small or large loss every time), or you can set a plan and buy quality pieces that will last you for years that will have very good resale value if you leave the hobby.
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