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One option which hasn't been referred to above is the Verve InfoCrank. I decided to go with one of those over an SRM when I bought one a couple of months ago; essentially the fact that it's about half/two-thirds of the price, doesn't need magnets for cadence and has replaceable batteries swung it for me. British Cycling used them for years (not sure if they still do) and it is a dedicated track unit; as others have said, the SRM is pretty much the only other dedicated one.

Your mileage may vary. As has been said above, if you need to get every last scrap of standing start data then the SRM is probably the way to go. If, like me, your focus is more on data gathering more along the lines of what I do on the road, the InfoCrank would almost certainly be a far better option than bodging a solution with a road power meter (leaving aside, as was said above, that the Shimano product doesn't seem to be all that good in any event, even for the road applications it's designed for). If I feel I need the extra data in the future I may upgrade, but that's what I would say as matters stand.
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