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Before I went to NM, I went about switching the LHT's wheels back to it, and fitting my Chukkers to Jake.
Well, oops. My tubes all had something like 32mm stems, too short to use in those wheels. As I was close to leaving, I decided to just take the Surly with me.
While I was a little disappointed that I didn't rush to bring Jake with me, the LHT turned out to be a great bike for the roads around Clovis.

When I got back last night, the tubes I'd ordered were here, so after a bit of a sleep-in, I went down and got Jake back up to ride-able. I may strip the bike down later and do a full-on
upgrade-overhaul, but we'll be good for a while here.
While I was at it, I figured I wouldn't be using Sarge (the Paratrooper) as much for road rides, so I slapped on some Honey Badgers I had handy. At 2.2", definitely fatter than the 2" slicks I was running, and probably the biggest I'd care to run on this bike. It'd fit a little bigger, but I like a little clearance. A ride in the driveway and on the lawn reminded me that it's been a *while* since I rode a knobby MTB. The plan with this one is to take it to a nearby state park and maybe give the easy trails a try.

Jake, finally with stems long enough for these Chukkers

Sarge, with knobby tires for the first time in a long time.
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