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This is how my first full month panned out:

(All mileage includes my commute, some extra skate miles, and errands)


Weather was decent so skating was possible many days. I used a bicycle to haul lunch fixins and snacks to work, and laundry one day a week, then carried a few essential fresh food items in a backpack each day when I skated.

Now I have a way figured out to avoid biking on work days - I now have a key and alarm code so I can bike to the grocery and just drop off whatever at the shop on the way home. This will definitely translate into fewer bike commutes. A bike will be my foul weather transport mostly.

I did walk to work twice for a total of 4 miles, plus about 2 extra one day. Not too fond of walking. I did not add walking to the graph as it was an insignificant sliver of color.

It took me about 7 weeks to get used to work starting at 7a.m. - my old jobs for 25 years started at 10a.m. The 3-hour difference was harder than I thought. Thankfully now I am waking up before the alarm clock and adding some short skate sessions before (on the way to) work.

I am also tinkering with the idea of using a baby jogging stroller as a transport vehicle while skating. I would put a backpack in the kid seat and a small cooler in the basket under the kid seat. I met someone who skated across the USA on inline skates about 20 years ago who used this method. The baby jogger has a hand brake so there was speed control going down mountains, hills, and bridges.

Anyway....this is where I am now. Cheers All!

P.S.: There is zero traffic at 6:30 a.m. in the park, and a statistical zero at 3:30p.m. weekdays. I could skate on bike paths and MUPs plus sidewalks 95% of the way if I wanted to. So much nicer to just blast down the empty roads in the park.

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