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Any clincher-friendly rims available?

Recently had a wheel-set built up with Mavic Open Pro UTS rim. Even though I haven't use them yet -- they're for a frame I'm waiting to get repaired -- I'm already seriously considering finding other rims, and rebuilding them again, because clincher tires are so hard, if even possible, to get on and off the freaking things! (Broke FOUR tire levers in a matter of minutes.) I have Mavic Open Pro rims from years ago, and it is absolutely shocking how easy it is to get tires on and off of those with just a couple fingers! Are the new (non-UST) Mavics still easy to get on and off, or have they also been "updated?" (One thing is, I use 32-35c tires; I believe they only recommend up to 28c.) Are there any other rims out there that are fairly easy to get clinchers on? (I have no interest in tubeless.)
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