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Occasionally tubeless ready rims really genuinely don't play nice with some tires, but it is often that improved tire mounting technique can make everything doable with your hands and a normal tire lever.

Start opposite the valve, get one side of the tire on the rim--this is made easiest if you try to get it into the center channel. To get the other side on, pinch the tire into the center channel while pushing the whole tire towards the valve. Once you get to the last bit, go ahead and start opposite the valve again, pressing the tire into the center and towards the valve, before trying to pull the tire over the rim. This will work with 95% of tubeless rims with clincher tires, but there are absolutely some combos that work terribly. I wouldn't personally choose any setup that required tools to mount, though as a professional mechanic I'm better at mounting tires than the vast majority of riders.

Also make sure that even if you aren't using tubeless tires, that your rims are set up with tubeless tape as it is absolutely necessary to mount tires smoothly. Definitely, for the love of all that is good, do not use velox or similar in a tubeless rim (as much as I love velox).

If you genuinely want some non-tubeless rims, there's still some options, particularly given you're running relatively large tires for a road bike. Mavic makes the Open Pro C which is a standard clincher, although truthfully running wider tires like you are you'll have a better ride quality using something wider. Maybe Velocity Dyad?
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