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Originally Posted by Sorg67 View Post
This bike is for sale near me:

It is not exactly what I am looking for, but might give me an opportunity to get a few miles on a road bike and help me make a better choice of a bike that suits me better.

What do you think is a fair price? I have looked at online bike valuation services that have it anywhere from less than $200 to $900. $1,525 seems high to me.

I think it is a 2008. How much risk do I take riding a 12 year old carbon frame. I have heard stories of spectacular frame failures of carbon frame bikes.

How much has carbon frame technology changed since 2008?

I think I would be between a 54 and 56 cm frame. I think this would be close enough to get some experience.

The picture looks like it has some spacers to raise the handlebars.
The ad claims "Dura Ace components" but the pictures clearly show Bontrager cranks. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the only DA components you can see on the bike are the brakes. That strikes me as some used-car salesman nonsense. If the seller is so willing to be dishonest about something so obvious, what else are they over-selling about the bike? I wouldn't take the risk.
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