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Track Tire Questions

Home for all track-related tire questions.

Most popular tubulars:
Racing/indoor/pursuit (read: fast, not very durable or long-lasting)
  • Vittoria Pista Evo CL/CS: 160gr (22mm). CL is slick, CS very fine diamond tread. Non-EVO Pista CS very heavy and purely training tire. Non-EVO Pista CS Elite splits difference between EVO and non-EVO CS.
  • Vittoria Crono CS: 160gr (22mm). Listed as Road/TT tire, but fine for Track.
  • Tufo Elite Jet: 160gr (20mm).
  • Tufo S3 Lite: 215gr (21mm).
  • Continental Sonderklasse II: 215gr (23mm). Good all-around… from training to mass-start racing. Can be pricey.
  • Continental Tempo II: 220gr (22mm). Another good all-around option. Cheaper alternative to Sonderklasse.
  • Continental Steher: 250gr (23mm). Very popular trainer, at value price.
  • Continental Sprinter: 260gr (22mm). Heavy, but durable, training tire.
Not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I'll be happy to add/change/delete as anyone sees fit (Schwalbe?). The subjective comments aren't necessarily mine, but from previous comments both here and FGF. The general categories are overlapping and very subjective.

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