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My thoughts on track tubulars:
Your intended surface should go a long way in determining what kind of tire you use. There were a lot of nice tires shredded at Nationals this year. I had a teammate who love-love-loved his Sonderklasse, but if I'm pinching a penny I'm not going to go out on that limb.

racing on outdoor wood, I've really liked the Steher. Stehers have lasted me over a season and have by and large been nicer than I expected. I know they're not as nice as they used to be, but I'm content with where they're at (not for retail price, mind you). Grippy and supple, way different from a Sprinter.

the Vittoria Pista always struck me as being a bit slim on tread. Looking down from above and seeing the tan sidewalls 'sticking out' from around the black tread always made me wonder if I'd have grip when I'd need it, on steep banking. The answer was yes, the times I've used that tire, but I didn't like wondering.

Tufos? I've known a lot of people who have used them, but I've never liked them. Always struck me as being hard and dead-feeling tires.

I know a couple people who swear by the Veloflex Record.
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