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Originally Posted by Baby Puke View Post
As long as I'm ranting, some thoughts on the Vittoria Evo Pista:

I think these are the best special event tires for the money. They are light, feel fast, and have been consistently high quality for me, and are usually considerably cheaper than the equivalents from other makers. I've probably been through 10 or so of them since I started using them in 2009, and all have been good. No slow leaks, delaminations or blow-outs. But these are special event tires. They're 165 grams, for **** sake! That means you use them a handful of times per year, not at your weekly scratch race. The tread is thin, that's why they're light! I inspect the tread carefully every time I use these, and if there's a hole or a bit of missing tread, that tire is dead. Have a pair on hand as back-ups.

That said, with this kind of use and care, I've never had a problem with them. And they are great riding tires, great grip and very lively. Take a lot of pressure, too. I recently had a chance to try one of the pink Dugasts-- couldn't tell the difference (not that I'm some kind of expert). I have found that the treaded tires last longer and seem to resist cuts a bit better than the slick tires, but I do ride these on outdoor concrete, indoors on wood might be just fine on the slick ones. Slick ones might have a hair more grip on steep banking, but I have no proof of this.
i agree... I put these on my race wheels for Nationals (indoor wood 250) and they were beautiful!

A mate put them on his new wheels and rode them on our outdoor concrete track and they lasted one session... Expensive training session!

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