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I have been lurking on this site since last August and just registered today. I ride the silver comet trail quite often and usually start at the Hiram trailhead and occasionally the Drummond trailhead. thought I would do my Introduction here instead of elsewhere. I mostly will read and learn rather than contribute. I have learned a lot about fitting and over 50 physical issues. I have been riding since 1989 and stopped citizens racing in 1995. ever since I have been riding as fast as I can given the amount of time I have to devote to riding. moved to GA in 2011 and love it. I have 1 bike and don't t care for another. My bike is a performance brand (2004) and my gear is whatever I can get on sale. I got a Garmin Vivoactive smart watch this year and will get the HR add-on this spring. I am actually going to try and stay fit this winter by riding my indoor trainer and on the roads if the weather is warm enough. I have ridden from coots lake to Alabama line and back twice since I have been here (in 2012 and this year). 30 miles is a big ride now especially in the heat but I hope to do some 40 &50 milers on a more regular basis as I have ramped up my interest level. I ride exclusively by myself and probably would like to keep it that way since it is easier to ride my ride that way. on occasion I will wave but generally don't understand the waving behavior.
that's enough info I believe. Cheers.

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