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type two, fun recently heard that phrase referring to biking w/o much sleep
left house 4:05am
crossed canal 5:30am
reached So Wellfleet parking lot behind general store (closed) & post office
charged my light Friday night cuz I thought I would be riding in the dark Sat. AM, but arrived (6:23 am) at the trail head just after sunrise (6:15 am) so left the light in the car when I started at 6:44 am
at end of CCRT extension in So. Dennis 8:22am
after break, started back 8:31am
back at car in Welfleet 10:28am
couldn't find bike computer when packing, approx 46 miles
approx 1.5 hrs 1st half
approx 2 hrs 2nd half (at one point after a 'pit stop' I past a dead rabbit for the 2nd time. it had been struck & killed after my 1st half so seeing it a 2nd time meant I was going the wrong way! asked a cpl ppl to be sure then turned around, this easily added 10-15 minutes to my 2nd half time)
approx 3.5 hrs saddle time
home 8:33pm
door to door including sightseeing w Sister on Cape 16.5 hrs

always a pretty ride tho!

starting temps in the 50s, later in the day it would be 70s, not sure of temp at end of ride, certainly 60s
wore this:
thin beanie & light gloves for 1st half
long sleeve thick jersey & cotton t-shirt
MTB shorts
new lake MTB cycling shoes w short REI hiking socks
new grey helmet
no eyewear
2 bottles of lemon water was enough
1 banana & box of yogurt raisins at 1/2 way point

the Newcomb Hollow dune cave-in that swallowed a car recently is sad & dramatic. wonder if The Beachcomber will let ANY cars park in the front lot next year. looks like they dumped some sand at the top rim of the gap. they were having a season ending charity for $30 a head but sister didn't want to go in - she's shy, I was disappointed. chatted w staff over the fence, they're so nice. decided to go back-to-back-to-back w 3 restaurants for clams, cocktails, appetizers & a lunch ... too much fun! (& spent way more than $30 ea)

clams tequila & beer at Pepe's

nap on the bay side before driving 200 miles home

just occurred to me, if I was clever, I could plan this ride over two days, where I park at one end, stay in a B&B or motel at the other end, then do the return trip the next day. the only hitch is finding legal overnight parking at one end

found these two clips showing the new parking lot in So. Dennis & the new bridge over route 134

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