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New Electra Townie Balloon 8i owner

Hi everyone, I recently bought an Electra Townie Balloon 8i. It was bought new but was a 2015 model so I guess the bike shop wanted to get rid of it to clear some floor space for 2018 models, so managed to get it for half the original retail price. Electra Townies are very rare in the UK so it does stand out quite a bit.

Anyway, I bought it as my leisure bike and a bike to 'enhance' slowly. It's the total opposite of my Specialized road bike that weighs around 9KG. Whilst with the road bike the aim is to reduce the total weight, I've added quite a few items to my Electra Townie. I guess it weighs around 20KG at the moment.

Immediately after buying it I sent it to a bike service centre to have it checked over and prepared properly in terms of cable adjustments, alignment, etc., as I ordered it online so I wanted to be sure that the bike was prepared correctly.

It runs very smoothly and I'm just a little annoyed that we're into Autumn here in the UK so my opportunities to ride it in warm sunshine are dwindling by the day. I can't wait for Summer in 2018!

When I'm able to, I'll post some pictures of the bike with all the current modifications on it.
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