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Polar V650 troubles


I came across this thread when I was trying to find a solution for my sync problems with the Polar V650.

So far I tried everything that is mentioned on any website/forum without succes:
- order of starting up devices and PC
- other PC and Mac
- other USB cables
- deleting drivers
- antivirus off
- exceptions in antivirus

To be honest, I have to admit that 1 out of 250 tries I can synchronize the V650.
Why it happens on that occasion? I dunno ! If I try it in the same way again, it doesn't work...

So I read here that I should use the Polar Flow app on my Android phone and use the 'Sync with your phone' feature. I made a Bluetooth connection with the number verification and then finally got the msg: 'Synchronizing'
But a few seconds later: 'Synchronizing Failed' ... no reason given.

mmm try again... but now I'm unable to make a bluetooth connection.
Restart Polar device, restart Android.
Ok, made a connection... syncing... FAILED...

I tried... I tried, I really tried...
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