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Originally Posted by Barrettscv View Post
700x36 tubeless Clement MSO: X'PLOR MSO | Clement Cycling, Cyclocross Tires, Adventure Tires, Mountain Bike Tires, Road Bike Tires
  • size: 700x36, about 37.1mm wide
  • tread pattern: tightly packed small knobs for mostly dry conditions
  • construction: unknown tpi, has flat protection, tubeless
  • performance on pavement is excellent for a knobby tire. It's like most touring tires this size with secure cornering on wet or dry pavement.
  • performance on firm gravel is excellent, with excellent cornering and braking
  • performance on deep or soft gravel is very good with good control and sufficient volume over rough surfaces. Excellent braking in soft conditions. Cornering performance and float on soft surfaces is limited by the lack of bigger knobs on the shoulder.
  • durability: good so far
  • ride: smooth and plush

The tubeless MSO is easy to mount. I've installed the tire on two rims, one from Alex and another from Impulse. Both tire installations were easy using a conventional floor pump. I coated the rim and tire in the bead area with soapy water and the tire seated itself quickly.

The tubeless version of the MSO is more versatile than the tube version. It fits more bikes, including most Cyclocross bikes, due to the smaller size. It feels much lighter and is. It rolls faster at 55psi and has excellent soft gravel performance at 40psi. It rides smoother than the already smooth 700x40.

The tire is a great all-around performer.
Totally agree with this assessment, mine are even 37.1mm on 24ID wheels too. I just rode a set that came on my wife's Jamis so they are an OEM version that is not TR, has a stiff bead, and is only 30TPI. I ran them at 40psi and did a 40/60 pavement/gravel ride on them. I'm coming from 42mm GKs setup tubeless at ~37psi. The MSOs were just a touch stiffer on gravel, just a touch less grippy on loose steep climbs, and a touch less floaty over soft stuff. However, they were fast on hardpack, cornered just fine, and felt fast on pavement, even at 40psi tubed. I can only imagine the 120tpi version set up tubeless would feel even better. I'm not sure a person with frame clearance issues (CX bikes) could do a whole lot better.
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