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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
I just bought a couple things for my road bike - 165mm cranks (down from 170), and a Specialized Power saddle.

I put the Power saddle on first - it took some tinkering to get my position right again - lowering the saddle and moving it back quite far. Once I got that right, though, I started to feel as though I could still ride longer, and move from a 110mm stem to a 120.

Then I put the 165mm cranks on. I definitely felt more comfortable riding low - my hip stays open over the top of the stroke. And, yeah, still think I could ride longer. I have 40cm Ritchey NeoClassic bars on my road bike, but I might put the 38cm traditional bend drops from my track bike onto my road bike. That will keep my drop constant but add a hair more reach. Plus, it'll narrow me up a bit.

About to put 165 cranks on my track bike, too (down from 167.5) - and considering buying 36cm bars for it too.
You are a much different (and better) rider than me, but I did the same the season I went to 165mm. I put 165mm cranks on my road bike and rode it that winter and spring then raced 165mm on my track bike that summer. My pedaling was sooo dialed that season. I recall averaging 110 RPM on a short road ride once...averaging. Hills will suck on the road, but your pedal stroke will achieve so many gains.

Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
I bought a new battery for one of my SRMs. Does that count?
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