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Originally Posted by bartek. View Post
Yeah, I am aware of this. I don't really care if I need to wait even 4 weeks for the wheels. It was dealbreaker and I didn't really plan to buy them. I actually made 2 separated orders. I got email on next day that the Scatto is already shipped to me. This is the only priority for me, and it looks promising. I guess some delays are due to customs, they can hold packages for weeks. Same as any packages from US, sometimes I get them in 7 days, sometimes after 6 weeks. It happens. In this case, both countries are in EU so it should go quickly.

Anyway, I asked few local friends and they gave me positive feedback about this shop. Also, most of the negative reviews are 7-10 years old. Even on the website they said that they changed postage service in 2012 to Royal Mail and DHL. So, I guess most of the reviews might be out of date.
There are people on this forum who have had recent issues with them. There is a recent thread on the Track Sprinting FB group about them. Like within 2 weeks.

The shops style of business is to say they have every popular product on earth in stock and at a discount. This is really attractive to new riders who are looking for hard to find items like Scattos, fast helmets, wheels, frames, etc...

Velodrome Shop will take your money then try to order the product from another company or distributor. If that product is out of stock or the manufacturer hasn't made any, then Velodrome Shop does not contact you. You just wait....and wait...and wait... This has nothing to do with customs. This happens before your product reaches customs.

Their website looks old because they have been around for a long time...doing this same thing. They have also been known to not honor returns by saying " never arrived. I will not refund your money." They have been known to ship the wrong sizes and wrong products.

For every good story I hear about them, I hear 5 bad ones.

I wish you luck. Seriously. I hope all of your purchases arrive quickly.

No matter how good their deals are, I would never give them my CC number.


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