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Renegade Expat 650B Conversion

I was hoping to see more pictures of people's setups on this thread so I'll go ahead and post mine. I just recently installed the axle conversion kits on my American Classic Wide Lightning's to transfer them from my MTB to the 12mm/QR configuration on the Jamis. I'm using Terrene Elwood's 650x47 with lightweight casings. The actual measurement for this tire/rim combo is more like 50mm on the 29mm ID AC's. This means the Expat will clear a tire wider than the 48mm that Jamis lists as the maximum, but I personally wouldn't go over 2 inches, or full knobby for that matter. This is my first 650B drop bar conversion and I'm really liking it. I've been on a 27.5 MTB since 2014 so I was hoping it would prove as much fun on the Renegade. The Expat in its stock form has a very stable, comfortable, but boring ride quality, which has a lot to do with the heavy wheelset it comes with. I've also run a set of American Classic 700c Race's with Compass Bon Jon's as well to see how it did as a road bike. I definitely prefer the 650B setup on this bike for my style of riding (quicker handling, tight turns, fast accelerations), plus the extra volume smoothes everything out very nicely. Anyway, enough rambling about wheel size.

Since there seems to be a lot of sizing/fit questions about the bike on this thread I'll go ahead and give a full bike check breakdown for those interested. This pertains only to the Expat model, I don't have experience on any others. Here are my fit numbers for this particular setup:

Height - 5' 9 3/4"
Frame size - 56cm
Cycling Inseam - 89cm
Saddle Height - 78cm
Saddle Setback - 8.5cm
Saddle Nose to Bar (using stock saddle) - 53cm
Saddle to Bar Drop - 4cm

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