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Originally Posted by HLW View Post
What are your thoughts on the Thunder Burt's? They seem to be really popular among 650b bikes. Do you ride mainly gravel or do you like to do some trail/singletrack too? Were you able to clear the 2.1 on a Renegade or did you run them on another bike?
I love the 27.1 Thunderburts (Liteskin). 135lbs here. Have them setup tubeless.
Using them in the dry on hardpacked ground with variable-sized loose rocks above.
If I hit some sandy patches then they start to wander out front.

Gravel and quite a bit of trail/singletrack.

Fitted to a non-Renegade bike.

Before I purchased them I did read a few complaints about how light they were i.e. flats/sidewalls, but I've had no problems with them.
At their weight with the low-height centre knobs, they also ride pretty good on the road for what they are.

Have a set of those Ellwood in the Light version also to try out once these wear out.

I like my tyres light! (Ellwood, ThunderBurts, SwitchBackHill).
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