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Originally Posted by IvyGodivy View Post
Good idea. But the mountain bike I currently have I am trying to sell and I have a few parties interested. In short this is replacing my MTB bike. I don't need a ton of bikes, I really just want my Gravel and FB. The FB is all the stuff the Gravel can't do. Will I do climbs and etc. maybe but not intentional. I just want to go on paths less traveled and being that it will be a FB I really want to try this area that I used to ride a DB (motorized) where it's large rocks next to a dormant train track that goes for a few miles. In short just want to have fun.

I am a big boy and while I would love to lose weight I don't have the dedication to take it to the extreme, well at least for now. I learned never say never for most of the times I say I won't do something I tend to do it later in life.

But I can say this, I won't ever be a Vegetarian let alone a Vegan (this I know for sure) and in short won't eat like a rabbit much like these ultra skinny riders. Besides I am naturally broad so it would look weird on me.

Flat, rocky, climb whatever I encounter. I have tried paths over my ability but at least I tried. A test ride will be a big deciding factor.

Fun is the only goal here, that and taking areas/paths that are not ideal for my Gravel bike. The rust is a concern and a very good point, but for now I don't see me ever going Carbon Fiber for two main reasons:
1. If they crack there is no repairing them and that would just end the bike.
2. They are anywhere from $700 to $1000 more on the price in comparison to aluminum

i hear ya. Just have to wait and see.

All good points. Thanks.
Two things. One, carbon can be repaired, so if a frame cracks it's not trash time. Two, I hear all the time about steel bikes rusting. Will you be dipping it in salt and and then leaving it in the rain for years at a time? If not, if you actually take care of your equipment even moderately, this is not a concern. It's kind of a "the sun is bad because if you look directly at you'll go blind" hyperventilating. Yes, that's true, so don't look at the sun and instead enjoy its many benefits. Seriously, it's not an issue. I've had many steel bikes, I've ridden with numerous friends who have steel bikes. It's not an issue.
Don't complain about the weather and cower in fear. It's all good weather. Just different.
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