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Originally Posted by revcp View Post
Two things. One, carbon can be repaired, so if a frame cracks it's not trash time. Two, I hear all the time about steel bikes rusting. Will you be dipping it in salt and and then leaving it in the rain for years at a time? If not, if you actually take care of your equipment even moderately, this is not a concern. It's kind of a "the sun is bad because if you look directly at you'll go blind" hyperventilating. Yes, that's true, so don't look at the sun and instead enjoy its many benefits. Seriously, it's not an issue. I've had many steel bikes, I've ridden with numerous friends who have steel bikes. It's not an issue.
I hear different in terms of fixing carbon but whatever.

Well the MTB has been sold as of today so now down to just my Gravel bike. So now the research is on up on full swing and took a closer look at the 3 I am considering and something is bugging me; in fact it’s actually turning me off or for a better word talking me out of buying this bike. Funny thing is the stuff I am reading is coming from those that make the bike; I am talking about the Trek Farley 5

  1. It's an introductory model, but fully capable of taking on daily winter rides, fat bike races, and even summer trails
A $1700 bike is introductory???
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