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? More 2018 50+ accidents with rider injuries?

It seems this year, more than in previous years, I have heard of accidents involving rider injuries. Both on BF but also via grapevine with former ski patrollers & forest service folks.

Since I mostly ride solo, or with 45+ yo cyclists the demographics of the older generation come to play.

Maybe my assumption (increased injuries) is false? A local (or regional) anomaly? You tell me.

Is it an illness?
Are there any prevention pills?

Think of the savings ó. in personal pain, reduced medical bills, no long PT periods, fewer debilitating life conditions imposed (and on family) ó if we reduce the cause of the problem. I do not know of a single incident due to mechanical bicycle failure, none due to rider health catastrophes (no stroke/heart emergencies). And thankfully, none that I know of, fatalities. Condolences to any who lost friends.

I theorize the problem is rider error. Is there a medically oriented human solution?

And Please, this is not a helmet thread - those I know were safety compliant.

No pics here. And none solicited from you.
Maybe iíve been too cautious this year?

edit: I also understand life is risky; and that cycling is a health and fitness activity which improves our physiology and psychology.

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