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Maybe we break more easily now. I dunno, haven't really had enough accidents to determine a pattern. My most serious injury was a broken and dislocated shoulder from being hit by a car this spring. Wasn't a high speed impact, I just hit the shoulder in such a way that it went blooey. Took five months to even begin to make any progress in healing.

I'm not sure turning 60 suddenly made me more fragile. Probably just smacked the pavement the right/wrong way. Several cycling friends had broken clavicles and shoulder injuries the past couple of years and they're much younger than I.

I've fallen three times on my own since 2015, no assist from other cyclists or vehicles, no serious injuries. Scrapes and bruises twice, bruised ribs once that ached for a few weeks, but nothing like this more recent injury. And I fell many times in my teens and 20s including in a crit, no serious injuries.

My younger brother seemed to break stuff all the time when we were kids. We were involved in similar activities. Just seemed like his bones were more fragile and broke from fairly minor impacts. I've had only three bones broken: the recent shoulder thing from the car impact; a crushed fingertip about 20 years ago that splintered the last joint but it healed pretty well; and six cracked vertebrae when my car was T-boned. All but the C2 healed properly. The C2 is thickened and creaky.
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