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Originally Posted by jppe View Post
Iím getting ready to make a batch of brownies for the holidays. How much CBD oil should I use????
There are lots of recipes online. Keep in mind that if you plan to share these with other folks be sure they know it includes CBD. Two reasons:

1. Some people may be hypersensitive to CBD and report feeling either drowsy or jittery after using fairly small amounts of some CBD products. So while it takes 25 mg just to get my attention, some folks prefer as little as 3-5 mg. Keep the doses small per serving of brownies or cookies and folks can eat more if they want.

2. Some CBD full spectrum products will contain trace amounts of THC. While the amount should meet federal guidelines to be acceptable, even a trace amount of THC might be detected in some drug testing. Don't put a friend's job at risk. Either tell them what's in the goodies, or use a CBD isolate rather than a full spectrum product. The isolates -- usually a white crystal -- should contain zero THC.

However some CBD aficionados claim CBD isolate is less effective than the full spectrum. Personally I'm inclined to agree -- a small amount of THC seems to be needed to trigger or enhance the benefits of CBD. Some NIH/NCBI studies on the Pub Med site seem to confirm this theory. It appears the CBD also moderates the effect of THC, reducing the sensations of paranoia, inhibitions, even hallucinations or nightmares that a few users report from medical marijuana or high potency THC products.

One of my friends uses medical marijuana to cope with psychological complications from a brain injury. I've noticed that when she uses concentrated THC vape pens she seems to be more insecure and fearful that her family and friends have abandoned her. She's a bit needy and needs daily reassurance that people love her and haven't forgotten her. That's fairly common with some forms of brain damage and dementia. My mom, who died a couple of weeks ago after a long struggle with dementia, had short term memory problems and often thought everyone had abandoned her, even when she'd seen or spoken with them only a day earlier. My mom refused to try medical marijuana because her one experience with pot decades ago made her feel paranoid. So it's not the right solution for everyone.
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