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Originally Posted by linberl View Post
Full spectrum CBD oil has alleviated my dog's limp from arthritis - and she has no idea what a placebo effect is, lol. We gave it to her for 2 months and noticed the improvement then stopped for one month. She started limping again near the end of the month. We put her back on the CBD and the limp was gone in a week. It's been 4 months now and zero limping. This was a condition she had for well over a year and the vet had her on a drug that made her vomit so we stopped using it (rimadyl). No side effects with the CBD....except the munchies, haha. I'd try it if I was having muscle or arthritic pain, why the heck not. Her CBD is not an ointment, though, it is a liquid on her food.

My SIL gave me Synergy THC and CBD Relief BalmDixie that is simply awesome on my very arthritic joints as in bone on bone where pain is generated just a wee bit deeper than the skin's surface. Spraying some magnesium citrate on one's skin will most likely have a laxative effect at a much lower cost than OTC drugs or drinking said fluid and it helps in providing a necessary dietary macromineral.
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