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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
This is so not true. I lived with the side effects of the fiberglass chemicals that acetone carried through my skin when I built boats for 30 years. Every day. A year ago, the nurse GP I've been seeing recommended a natropathic liver cleaner that would clean out chemicals and heavy metals. Warned me it might be like a mini chemo regime. It did and it was.

Now, I never ate the stuff I worked with and always used a respirator. So it that stuff didn't go through my skin, how did it get there? (There was a lot of contact between the liquid resins, catalysts, acetone and my skin over a 6 year stretch.)

Edit: Sorry, an answer to an old thread I already answered. Oh well.

Far from true. In fact, there are medication that are specifically create and designed to treat the skin as well as use it as a transport medium for medicines to get into the bloodstream. Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone would make such a claim in this day and age. Apparently, he didn't think that one through.
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