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Can someone compare the Gravelking SK to the Maxxis Rambler EXO?

Specifically, I have the 38mm Maxxis Rambler EXO and am looking into something a little wider to float over loose stuff. Also, a lot of my riding is on loose shale mountain bike trails. I've suffered sidewall damage on the rear tire, so it's booted and tubed now.

Reading this thread, I believe that that 38mm Gravelking will give me a 40-41mm tire while my 38mm Ramblers are 38mm. That's just about where I want it. The next size up, the 43 has potential to cause problems if it measured 45+. It might be OK, I'd have to check pretty carefully.

Bullet point questions
-Do they ride similar?
-Sidewall durability?
-Least monkeying with tubeless (I'll set them up with Orange Seal and Skinny Strippers, and i don't want to touch them again until they wear out)
-Is it 360 vs 380g?
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