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Originally Posted by rosefarts View Post
Can someone compare the Gravelking SK to the Maxxis Rambler EXO?

Specifically, I have the 38mm Maxxis Rambler EXO and am looking into something a little wider to float over loose stuff. Also, a lot of my riding is on loose shale mountain bike trails. I've suffered sidewall damage on the rear tire, so it's booted and tubed now.

Reading this thread, I believe that that 38mm Gravelking will give me a 40-41mm tire while my 38mm Ramblers are 38mm. That's just about where I want it. The next size up, the 43 has potential to cause problems if it measured 45+. It might be OK, I'd have to check pretty carefully.

Bullet point questions
-Do they ride similar?
-Sidewall durability?
-Least monkeying with tubeless (I'll set them up with Orange Seal and Skinny Strippers, and i don't want to touch them again until they wear out)
-Is it 360 vs 380g?
At the risk of not answering your questions I'm going to suggest you don't use either of these tires for your riding conditions. The GK lacks in sidewall bite for loose conditions, and the Rambler is not a comparatively durable tire. If you're going for a ~38mm tire then I think you would do better with a Specialized Trigger Pro. Just my two cents.
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