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I've been on the fence about researching and getting round to actually purchasing some CBD for my chonic arthritic pain. But since I also no longer tolerate any NSAID meds due to years of prior maximum recommended use, CBD is on my list big time.

One of the things that turned me more towards CBD is that our beloved Rat Terrier, who came to us from the shelter with a damaged hind leg and obviously has some pain after his spirited play, was put on CBD+terpene. It really wound the clock back five years for this 13-year-old doggie - he now spontaneously playposes and tosses his squeakies like he did when he was 2 years old. This impresses - since we have been trying many other remedies prescribed by the vet, which seemed to all be simply pills that did nothing at all.

So a huge thank you @canklecat for your well written posts here on the subject. Really very grateful for your comments. Let's hope the product quality becomes more standardized and the prices start to come down so that those who really need it can afford it.

In my opinion, the major reason that this family of products took so long to come into general awareness is the damnable inclusion of hemp in the Federal DEA Schedule 1 drug list, which includes the most addictive and dangerous ones known. This made research into any of the biochemistry around the natural cannabinoid receptors in our brains exceedingly costly and difficult for researchers. Fooey (in the most rude way imaginable) to all who insisted that this came to pass.
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