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Originally Posted by Walter S View Post
You entertain two possibilities. Either it is a good idea, or the non-believer is obviously "anti-LCF" that want to throw their weight around (like it's SO gratifying to squash those LCF dudes). Oh, the refreshing openness of a TP debate!

You forgot one option: It's a bad idea that competes for infrastructure with good ideas.
Everyone driving cars is not a good idea.

I don't know what you mean by 'anti-LCF' exactly. Driving is common and there are two obstacles to reducing auto-traffic and infrastructure: 1) lack of willpower and 2) obstacles to achievement where the willpower exists.

You seem to assume that no one has to be 'anti-LCF' for driving to dominate transportation culture. You can look at it that way, and keep telling yourself driving is just the best option and so that's the way things will stay; but it is more than an aesthetic preference to overcome the automotive paradigm in so many ways and for so many reasons. If you just keep insisting that cars for everyone is just a choice without consequences, that's denial. Transportation choices have ramifications and consequences beyond aesthetics and personal preferences.
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