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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
It used to bother if people would say what others should do, i.e. because I had some kind of zealous moral crusade against moral crusades. At some point, I just realized that when people say what others should do, it's just another way of saying that it's good to do something. You should realize this and just accept that sometimes instead of saying, "it's good to do X," people will say, "people should do X," or even "you should do X." If they're not actively cornering you, which sometimes happens in this forum to me btw, then it's just advice from someone who wants to give advice to others generally. It's nothing to get bothered by.
Incorrect. "Should" is a modal that expresses obligation/duty in English. It has other syntactical/grammatical meanings, but that is its main one, and that is how you invariably use it.
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