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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Except that they are neither comfortable nor convenient ... and aren't very practical either.

As WalterS says,

"You forgot one option: It's a bad idea that competes for infrastructure with good ideas."

I'd much rather focus on better ideas.

For example, I use public transportation. I participate in the surveys and questionnaires about public transportation. I communicate with the organisations involved in improving our public transportation. IMO, public transportation is an idea which could be reasonably comfortable, reasonably convenient, and reasonably practical for a reasonably large number of people.

And there you have jumped upon the crux of the matter. People that are working on the form of transportation that works best for them have already seen systems that both work for them and have developed some infrastructure to support themselves. The bus, light rail, taxi, Urber/Lyft even bicycles and walking and yes working from home. They know the system works for them and why it works. Some of the same people have seen how these park anywhere scooters litter their cities and cause resources and tax money to be used to clean up the problems they cause. It is the people that are doers that have a say in what could work because they have seen what works. People that haven't even experienced the dock less services or seen the abuses caused are in no position to say what the public "should do" in support of these services. It is even more troubling when the system we are being asked to blindly support are foisted on society is being promoted as a should do proposition. When minimalists tell us they have a deal for us that we 'Should do" it and that deal is advocated by investment capitalists I for one don't give it as much credence. Now when someone that has been using alternative transportation for as many years as some others here tell me what I could do it might be worth taking a look at. And when they are skeptical of a alternative system so am I.
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