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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
It's not a matter of getting bothered, it's a matter of getting dismissed. The world is full of people trying to tell other people what they should do. Most people ignore it. If you want to effect change why adopt a model that leads to being dismissed? I'm quite foccussed on being successful in what I want to accomplish so I choose strategies that work. If what I am doing doesn't work I review what I am doing until it does.

It's really just a reversal of the idea of who should do the work. You can quote all the stats and list all the rationale but in the end I still will wonder: Do you actually live the way you seem to think others should? If yes, that adds some street cred. If no.. meh. I don't know yet because I don't really read any personal experiences being expressed that way here.
They say you should be the change you seek, but the problem with that is you can only make so much difference on your own. You can LCF your entire life, but if no one else joins you, not a single lane or parking spot will be reforested. So there comes a point where you can make more of a difference by changing others than changing yourself further. At that point you should realize that you cannot control other people because people control themselves. All you can do is communicate information with them and hope they control themselves in a good way. One way of doing that is to use 'should' statements. If people don't like hearing opinions about what they should do or what should happen, that's their problem. No one is forcing you to do what someone else says you should do or otherwise encourages you to do. No one can make you heed warnings about the consequences of your actions, etc. There is no reason for you to resent information coming from others that is meant to suggest certain choices or reasons for choices. It is just part of how we communicate with each other as humans who have an interest in each other's actions and the broader effects that are caused by those actions.
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