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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Except that they are neither comfortable nor convenient ... and aren't very practical either.

As WalterS says,

"You forgot one option: It's a bad idea that competes for infrastructure with good ideas."

I'd much rather focus on better ideas.

For example, I use public transportation. I participate in the surveys and questionnaires about public transportation. I communicate with the organisations involved in improving our public transportation. IMO, public transportation is an idea which could be reasonably comfortable, reasonably convenient, and reasonably practical for a reasonably large number of people.
Scooters aren't a replacement for public transit but for personal motor-vehicles, i.e. because that's what they are: small personal motor-vehicles.

Fair-weather LCF'ers like share bikes/scooters because they don't want to tote their own small vehicle around with them and have to lock, worry about, and otherwise keep track of it. They also don't want to ride in the rain or bad weather. Public transit can serve as a backup plan for rainy days and other times you don't want to ride a bike or scooter. Share bikes/scooters are then available for public transit riders when the weather is nice and they want to do something besides riding a bus/train/tram.

I think share bikes/scooters and public transit are a good combination of options for a large number of people who don't necessarily want to ride their own bike or scooter around everywhere or just be limited to transit and walking.
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