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Originally Posted by rosefarts View Post
Bullet point questions
-Do they ride similar?
-Sidewall durability?
-Least monkeying with tubeless (I'll set them up with Orange Seal and Skinny Strippers, and i don't want to touch them again until they wear out)
-Is it 360 vs 380g?
Originally Posted by rosefarts View Post
At this point, I can't seem to do the mental gymnastics to install a set of tires that would add over 1/2 pound to the bike, in outside rotating mass.

I'm not unreasonable, I know that I've got extremely light tires and I'll need to go up a little in weight for durability.

Is there a decent tubeless tire for dry dirt/gravel/shale in the <440g range. Lets pretend initial price is no object but replacing tires more than a couple times a year is a no go.
Hello again

I think you're asking for the mythical "perfect" gravel tire. You have to give up something somewhere. Light, big, durable, pick two.

But for your listed desires I think the Rambler in the toughest casing (Silkshield?) at 415g is your best bet. Followed by GK SK 38mm.

edit: Or maybe it's the 120TPI EXO Rambler that's the tougher tire. Whichever it is pick that one.
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