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Originally Posted by daoswald View Post
Wow, I'm surprised that didn't stir up more hostility. I thought living car free is a lifestyle choice that transcends income or education levels. There's no way I'll ever get to car free, but it is fun at least living reduced car dependent sometimes. And when I do, it's by choice.
Probably no hostility because the point of the post is true. If someone wants to get rid of an "old parked car" as a result of lifestyle choice, wonderful, but LCF posters shouldn't count on any tax benefit from such an action.

If a poster on this list wishes to make a charitable donation of an "old parked car" (presumably a junker/beater low value vehicle) and can find a charitable organization that wants it, wonderful.

It is unlikely that anyone on this list, LCF or otherwise, will find much if any tax benefit for such a charitable donation, and are probably fooling themselves if he/she thinks otherwise.
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