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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post

Tonight while driving a *gasp* motor vehicle home I came across a person on a bicycle making a left turn. The light ahead just turned red. There were seven people in cars behind me who would also have to stop at the red light. I yielded. The person on the bike waved and made their left turn.

This morning a person walking in a crosswalk, who CLEARLY had the right of way, waved me through. I pulled up my parking brake, shut off my engine, opened my door, stood up and waved ONE finger at the miscreant, and stood my ground until they crossed the road.

P.S. Nobody has the right of way. You can only yield it.*

P.P.S. A word that ends in tard and begins with mus, cus, uni, or leo are OK. Pretty much every other beginning....

-mr. bill

*bonus points for correctly identifying the only vehicles in Cambridge (our fair city) MA who have the right of way.
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