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Can we talk Medicare for a minute?

I'm not sure if I can keep my questions and explanations concise, but I will do my best. I'm also aware that any info given will still require my due diligence pertaining to my own personal situation. (How's that for a disclaimer, lol)

I will be turning 65 this December. I will be enrolling in Medicare but not SS. I need one more year to be fully vested in SS. I am currently covered with health insurance on my wife's policy at work. We are looking into what forms of supplemental Medicare insurance they may offer. My concern using my wife's insurance supplemental Medicare coverage (if any) is that we are not certain if she will still be working for another 4-5 years and that I would assume would mean changing the Supplemental provider.

Ok, that's my situation. Now for some questions.

1. Medicare Advantage: This appears to be a one stop shopping experience for people who wish to tie all their coverage's under 1 plan. At first glance this seems to be very efficient for the buyer. What do you think?

2. Medicare + separate supplemental add-ons. This way seems to be the way that most people choose. It would appear it gives you greater ease and flexibility when changing supplemental carriers as better deals arise.

I plan on calling a couple of providers (the usual big names i.e. United, Blue Cross etc) and speaking with them regarding these issues but I'm also interested in the procedure I should pursue. Do I first sign up for Medical and then start calling these providers or the other way around. I'm sure they'll be more than glad to sign me up, I was just concerned that my doing it that would put me more at their mercy and open to an aggressive sales pitch.
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