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I've been on a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2 years and it's a great choice for me. Like you I'm not drawing SS for now. I have all my normal physicians and specialists covered under my plan. There aren't any additional fees for me being on the plan as I just pay for the Medicare Parts A&B plan that I'd pay anyway. Prescriptions are at no cost (as long as they are in the lower Tier). I get $240 worth of over the counter items at no additional cost. It's REALLY easy for me. For me, there wasn't a lot of difference between my providers....Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Humana, etc. There are various options though within the providers so you can select the plan that best suits your needs.

I had to have a hip replacement last August and all I paid was a set fee per day for a hospital stay.

I don't know or need to know your income situation but you pay for different parts of Medicare depending on your Income level. I think they look back at your Federal Income filing two years ago. However if your situation changes to where your income from two years ago is much less you can file and get the amount you pay for Medicare reduced. I think the current threshold is $67,000 per year and below for minimum payments but I could be wrong there. Example-I was paid a severance when I retired and it greatly increased my income for that one year. I filed a form with SS that demonstrated my income for my current situation is much lower since I no longer work which keeps my monthly Medicare payments lower. I currently manage the annual income to optimize or keep the additional Medicare costs to the least amount they can be. Probably more that you want to know but thought I'd add that.

Good luck handling all the spam communications both email and phone regarding Medicare!!!
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