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Some background to issues that were brought up... my wife and I (64 and 56) are in what I consider very good health and we are fortunate enough to be able to purchase and afford additional coverage if it is deemed necessary. But, I know how fast someone's health can change and turn into something horrific. Throughout my life I have always ensured that I have insurance coverage for all the little gotcha's in life.

I like the concept of the Medicare Advantage program i.e. self-container with one point of contact and adequate coverage. What concerns me is what disadvantages might be hidden when you travel out of their coverage area. If that is even a concern (I'm not sure at this point).

Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed. My biggest issue here is just getting my head wrapped around this and getting comfortable with the choices and decisions. I have owned several small companies where I was the one making health insurance decisions for my employees and it was something that I always had an aversion to and was never able to get clear answers to what I thought were clear questions. I never liked being the HR person.
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