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What is your actual BP? And, the doctors keep changing the rules.

Family history of hypertension, or family history of heart attack, stroke, or anneurism?

It sounds like you are in pretty good shape, but you do need to look at other factors. Salt, Caffeine, etc. Better shape? Cholesterol?

I haven't been a big fan of tightly regulating salt, although I personally rarely salt anything beyond the way it was cooked (which usually has salt).
If your kidneys are working, then they should regulate the salt.

I'll admit that I am currently getting 5 to 8 thousand miles a year, and at 50+, am in some of the best aerobic fitness that I've ever been in.

But, much of my riding is pretty slow. I keep telling myself to work a bit more on the top end of my speed, not just miles, but actually pushing myself. But, I rarely push unless I'm late for an appointment. More HILLS?
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