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Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel View Post
I ride thousands of miles a year and I still have hypertension! I’m not fat but could lose some weight so I guess I will start there. Salt intake too high? Too much beer? Over caffeinated? Or just doomed? My genetic tree has high BP the doc says there nothing you can really do. So I’m off to Walmart pharamacy with an increase in dosages. Makes no senses I have excellent conditioning due to my bicycle addiction. Any suggestions? I’m only 51 and don’t want to croak early I’ve got too many miles to go.
Hmm, "not fat" could mean a lot of things to different people. Still, if your doctor told you there's nothing you can do then you need to get another doctor.

Sure, there's nothing you can do to change your genetics, but there's a lot you can do when it comes to improving BP through diet and exercise. These are your two greatest variable with diet taking center stage:

Lower salt? Yep, that's a good first step -- for all of us. Next, there's the blood pressure lowering foods such as a lots of fruits and vegetables. Berries, yogurt, and oats are some of my daily favorites. Which reminds me, I just ran out of blueberries and bananas.

After that, alcohol. Yep, delete it. At least the beer kind. Caffeine? That needs to go as well. Or at least do what I do and lower it. I love coffee and used to drink 3 cups/day. I lowered that to 2-3 cups/wk.

It appears you've already done your research for most of this and are just looking for either validation or some moral support? In any event, there is no magic pill.

Nevertheless, the closes thing there is too it after the aforementioned, is Blackseed oil . Provided you don't have some allergy, it is the single most effective supplement for lowering BP on the market.

But don't expect it to work miracles or it to work without first applying the above techniques. I didn't mention exercise since I'm pretty sure you already have that covered. "Live long and prosper."
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