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There's some ignorance in this thread and a bit of drama.

Dog attacks are classified as provoked or unprovoked.

An unprovoked attack is when you get bit for no reason. You are minding your business, riding a bike on a public road and a dog comes out and bites you.

A provoked attack is when you do something to trigger the dog - enter private property, try to hurt the dog for no reason, attack its owner, go near its puppies and so forth.

An animal control officer will determine if an attack was provoked or unprovoked and take appropriate action.

A dog with no history of aggressive behavior for example, might have felt it was defending itself for some reason and killing it immediately doesn't make sense. A dog with a history of aggressive behavior can be declared "vicious" and the owner is then held to a higher standard for keeping the dog restrained - chains, fence, etc. The owner can go to jail if the dog gets out and hurts someone.

My point is, there are reasonable and rational procedures. Killing a dog is often required but we should try not to, and should have a valid reason.

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