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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
For me it means no spicy food the nite before and small doses of magnesium potassium & calcium then morning of do the same small doses but add a little sodium then bring enough of same for the halfway or turnaround. Hydrate before you get thirsty eat before you get hungry and go easy the first 1/4 of the ride. No food experiments stick w what you’re accustomed to eating but add supplements to suit I like b6 & b12 30min prior to launch and again halfway thru approx if I get desperate I can add a caffeine pill but haven’t done that in years
Yeah, Nuun tablets and bananas are pretty staple, especially as it gets hotter. My grocery store seems to have stopped carrying the former, so I might pick up a tube (to augment the half one I'm bringing and the unoponed spare I'm leaving home) and use it as an excuse to take advantage of the restroom at the bike shop a bit over halfway.

And for me it's not just having done the pure water to vomiting thing a couple of times in early years when I didn't know what I was doing, but that hitting a bump and having legs cramp rather than respond with emergency power tends to mean a loss of balance and falling to the ground.

Probably the toughest part is about 70% of the way through my route with extended shallow climbs and water running over the trail, once I make it past that I relax a bit as the following part is just distance. But the plan if possible is to explore around an unfamiliar gravel side path a bit earlier, so that part will end up even later in the ride.
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