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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
Apparently nothing wrong with the bike or getting it fit to you, just a problem with your expectations. Go to a pro fitter, get a standard road bike fit, ride lots. You'll get used to it sooner than you think, and like it more than you think. Yeah, definitely go for the 180 cranks. Have the bike fit after you get them. Longer cranks would be better, but stock bottom bracket heights don't work well with longer cranks than that. Accept the stretched out position. It works better, which is the reason you feel weird with your current setup. With your back at ~45 and straightened out, your upper arms should make a 90 angle with your torso.

You may need some gym work and stretching to acquire the necessary flexibility and confidence to ride. However, you don't sound like you have any physical issues.
Thanks for the suggestions

This is interesting .

I have been set up in road bike type fits but I found the saddle to bar drop very uncomfortable , again my optimum saddle height means the bars are pretty low by casual cyclist standards with out riser stems or steerer extenders that make the handling feel like muck , that said I never actually gave myself a chance to adjust , i might investigate this
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