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Bikes: Small fleet of e-trikes

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It's pouring rain today so I won't go out on the new trike. I am willing to ride in rain but there's no sense getting it all grungy when I am just going to be wrenching on it shortly.

Still can't figure out how to disengage the dynamo generator. Couldn't find printed instructions but I found and watched some youtube videos. Some show how to pop it on but none show how to pop it off. Fiddling with it I can't find a thing. It can be moved away but it springs back when I let go; I can't find any mechanism to lock it in the off position. I might skip straight to uninstalling. The wires are threaded through holes too small to unthread without cutting them, and there are no obvious places to unclip them. Between my middle aged eyeballs, my weak hands, and the angle I have to reach them from, I'm not able to really investigate the connectors too well. But fortunately the videos do show the wire hookups, they are just normal wire, the clips at the end are just holding it and snapping in place. So I guess I will just cut the wires and take it off. Once I have it on the workbench I'll be able to see it and handle it more easily, fiddle with it to my hearts content. These dynamo kits are so inexpensive, probably no one will want it anyways. No harm to take the easy route and pull out the wire snippers. :-) I wonder if I can figure out a way to recycle these lights for use with a battery? They are nice looking.

I had hoped to try a mid-drive but now I am leaning towards a hub motor with conventional freewheel and derailleur. Grin Tech has an eZee system that I could use with a range of pedal assist systems. I could start with the cadence sensor since it is inexpensive and easier to install, and update it later with a fancier torque sensing bottom bracket if I like. I have selected some Shimano Deore components to run with it. The trike has a 24" rear rim so I guess I will have to get a wheel laced locally; Grin doesn't have this size off the shelf. At least the smaller wheel size means the 32 tooth cog on the freewheel will be lower than it would be on a larger wheel, which is nice when you are weak as a kitten. :-) Next question is whether to just use the existing rim and tire with the new hub, or leave this IGH wheel assembled in case I want to convert it back in future.
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