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Originally Posted by elizilla View Post
Now I am doubting myself. Every web page I can find says the trike has a 26" rear tire. But it looks weirdly small, I do think it is 24". This is weird. I will look at it again tomorrow, pull another bicycle up next to it to compare, get out a tape measure, etc.

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You should be able to read the numbers on the tire. 26" would be a 559-xx (where xx is the width of the tire in millimeters) I looked up the specifications for the Pfiff Capo (that is the model you purchased?) and it says the front are 20" and the rear is 26" Looking at pictures of the Capo, it appears you will be limited to a rear hub motor due to the placement of the crank bottom bracket, making fitment of an aftermarket mid drive motor challenging.
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